Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Aviation Systems Blogs and Wikis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Aviation Systems Blogs and Wikis - Essay Example Most of these blogs contain excellent materials that an individual can never get enough, especially with the current trend where people acquire most of the information and learning materials from the online resources. For these reasons, I would recommend the Second Life Aviation from the wiki site for students seeking online aviation materials and other related resources (Second Life Aviation, 2015). These sites have invaluable materials and articles that provide immense information on the topic. Personally, I consider the site as the favorite because of the ease of getting information and materials related to aviation. The site resembles a blog, it is well managed by the wikia website, one of the largest wiki platforms online, with huge fan base contributing to the concepts and asking questions that draws discussions and forum indulgence. Such approach makes it easy to learn and acquire additional insight on aviation. Additionally, its simplicity nature makes it easy for anyone to use the information and contribute to the existing knowledge base. Simplicity here is available from various aspects of materials, the website has several sections that are easy to access and select. First, the language in use is clear, simple, and precise. Also the tabs are well arranged and one can easily know where to find what they are looking for. For instance, if you want to know more on Aircraft, it brings you to it and offers you an array of information on it. Further to that, is the design, theme is well thought of and appealing. Also the tabs are well labeled out with each topic having a sub-topic on an under t ab, once you click on the main tab. With all of these features and the immense knowledge related to aviation and others items, it is only fair to say that this would be a site suitable for students to increase their knowledge on matters related to aviation. I therefore highly recommend it, for any student who requires in-depth and informative online platform about

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Points of View Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Points of View - Essay Example In this instance, the articles insist that for the students to be fully active in critical thinking, the educator’s needs to act as facilitators. In the process, it will allow for the discussions that will promote a freedom of thought. Apart from the freedom of thought, it will also provide the environment that creates an opportunity for the students critically to understand the concepts that come various areas related to the field of education. On top of that, the articles add that the educators’ role, in this case, is to encourage the peer review process even from the young children (Choy, Cheah, 2009). As a result, it will enable them to understand the appropriate solutions and opinions relating to problems and issues in education. For instance, through engaging the students in such activities as writing of the essays, he articles reiterates that it will enable the students to develop their critical thinking capability. From the research conducted on the issue of critical thinking in education, the data got from the two credible articles supported the already sought opinion before. For instance, through working hard, students will develop some promising results in their critical capability as they continuously learn the concepts and the ideologies that the educators impart on them (Choy, Cheah, 2009). In relevance to the research on critical thinking, when compared to the opinion initially developed in education, critical thinking has some importance in the education sector. However, it fails to answer the below questions; An opinion formulated relating to education must be in place. The information should promote the development of an individual’s capability towards making informed decisions in critical thinking (Arend, 2009). Arend, B. (2009). The Journal Of Educators Online, Volume 6, Number 1, January 2009 1,  Encouraging Critical Thinking In Online Threaded Discussions.  The Journal