Friday, March 6, 2020

Canada vs. USA essays

Canada vs. USA essays Basics -Parliamentary/constitutional monarchy-Federal-Responsible (executive part of legislation)-Written AND unwritten constitution -Presidential/congressional-Republic-Federal-Separation of powers with checks and balances. -Written constitution Elections/10 the leader of that party becomes Prime Minister.-Minority government (number elected is less than 50%) requires support from elected numbers of a different political party to remain in power.-Party with the second most votes forms the Official Opposition; the leader becomes Leader of the Opposition.-Opposition is responsible in monitoring activities of government insuring against the misuse or abuse of government powers.-Elections are held at least once every five years with variable terms (can change from election to election.-Prime minister has the authority to call elections sooner than five years, usually when he/she senses that there will be an electoral victory. -To be successful a candidate must run in four elections-Campaigning starts approximately two years before the actual elections-Primaries ( first elections) choose delegates to go to the national convention of either Democratic or Republican parties.-Delegates are most likely loyal in supporting specif ic candidates for the partys nomination. -No more than the registered members of the party may vote in primaries.-Running in primaries is optional but usually will cause a candidates campaign to come to a standstill if a candidate loses or doesnt participate. -The few states that dont hold primaries hold caucuses (state part...

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